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  • When will the second book in the 'Wicked Road' series be released?

    The second book which continues the amazing tale in my first supernatural novel, Travel the Wicked Road (released on Oct. 28, 2015), will be released sometime in 2016. Stay tuned here for updates and if you subscribe to my website, you'll get advance notices and special discounts!

  • Will there be a second book about Auguste?

    If Auguste and The Condition is well received and readers wish it, so be it! I would love to do second story. And suggestions from readers for the plot and setting, etc. of the second book are most welcome!

  • Are you working on other stories?

    Always and absolutely! Several full length novels, and shorts, are in the works. The 'next' novel is almost always available for Pre-order, or getting close to that point. Check the Welcome page to see what is coming next and when. Of course, don't forget my books already released. They will keep you occupied until the new one!

  • 2.Print versions
  • I see your novels are available in print, but not your short stories. Why?
    Site Monitor27-05-2015

    The cost to print each short story seperately, even as a paperback, would raise the retail price above what readers would be willing to pay, since they are again, only shorts. At some point, when I have approx. 12-20 shorts published, they will be published in a single paperback volume. An option, for thoser traditional readers that want the feel of paper in their hands, download the PDF version of a short story here on my website and have it printed at your local copy/print shop. 

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